Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend update

So, my last Grace in Small Things post? Not so much. This is why I am always anxious to mention things that have not yet happened, or "tempting fate". This concept was verbalized to me by Toby Zeigler on The West Wing (one of my top ten all time favorite shows!), on an episode where they were waiting for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice. This episode is a great episode for many reasons, only one of which is CJ does the Jackal, but Toby refuses to allow anyone to open a champagne bottle until the vote passes 51, which was practically a given. And I get that. Tempting fate is bad. So is writing a Grace in Small Things list of things that have not actually happened. Let's go through our list shall we:

1. 3-day weekends: Okay, this happened.

2. Rain ending early enough to not delay your flight: FAIL. Flight delayed by an hour. Total flying time, 1 hour. For the time my flight was delayed on the runway I could have reached my final destination.

3. Finding a 20% off parking coupon for the airport: Okay, this worked, but the parking lot at which I parked only had one check out attendant when I left. And after 30 minutes of waiting to reach her I realized having a coupon meant the lady would take the coupon, initial the back, cut the coupon out to coupon size, fold it, put it in her envelope and then process my transaction. OMG lady.

4. Elite status: FAIL. Apparently I didn't fly enough last year and lost my status.

5. Pre-selecting seat to make sure you're not in the middle: My super tiny plane did not have middle seats. I should have chosen a window one on which to lean against during my 1 hour wait on the tarmac, instead, aisle for me. yay?

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