Friday, March 6, 2009

My love grows

As I have mentioned before, I have a tv in my office. This is pretty rare for most people and its due to the fact that it is important for me to get up to the minute financial news--unemployment rate higher than predicted? Uh oh, futures just went down.

Anyway, I have a love-hate relationship with CNBC. They are overly dramatic and incredibly biased and do not do as much reporting as they do opinionating. Most of their anchors couldn't point to a revenue line on an income statement. They cover the financials and autos like they are the only stocks in the S&P 500. No one besides the big tech giants get mentioned on the NASDAQ. But, they do make business news about as entertaining as possible. Hey, putting 10 people in different boxes on the screen at once accomplishes nothing except entertainment. So, with the exception of Mark Haines who I LOVE and Dennis Kneale who I HATE, I have a love-hate relationship with everyone else.

Then, on Wednesday, Jon Stewart read my mind.

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