Monday, March 2, 2009

March resolutions

I don't do particularly well with long-term goals, but I rock at short-term ones. It's much easier for me to commit to doing something in the short-term since the end day feels close. Plus, it allows me to obsess about something and then forget about it. My February resolutions involved the following:

1) wear concealer everyday

2) bring my lunch to work everyday

3) wear all the shoes I own

Now, I didn't do any of those things every day of the month, but I did pretty well on 1). Number 2) was a little harder as we got really busy at work the last 2 weeks in February, but I still probably did it about 50-60% of the time when I usually do it about 10%. I failed at 3)--it's hard to switch to heels when my flats are so comfy. That said, I feel like if I had a shoe organizer hanging in my closet it would be much easier for me to wear all my shoes.

This brings me to my March resolutions:

1) wear sunscreen everyday (I know, I know! But, I'm Indian so I don't burn and I also avoid the sun--my mom gets mad when I stop looking "fair").
2) try the Up-day Down-day diet.
3) return things I am not using sooner rather than later (Maybelline overtime lipcolor, this is about you)
4) List or donate clothing items I no longer wear
5) Spend 15 minutes cleaning everyday.

Okay, you all have to keep me honest. We'll do a check-in in Mid-March to see how things are going. I have done 1) and 2) so far today and can hopefully do 5) later tonight.

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