Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Part 4

1. International Delight English Almond Toffee coffee creamer

2. Pudding cake from Kroger's

3. Sleeping in

4. The lady who threads my eyebrows

5. Lounge pants acceptable to wear shopping

Friday, February 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Part 3

1. Canadian television. Seriously! Check out Little Mosque on the Prairie and Being Erica.

2. Romance novels. There. I said it. I don't read the ones with the goofy cover guys but I occasionally pick up the mystery/romance genre (think, Linda Howard and Sandra Brown) and every single time I read it I am satisfied. They're not books that stay with you or make you think, but enjoyable and easy to get through. Compare an oreo versus a bittersweet chocolate covered ginger from Godiva. Clearly, the ginger is superior, but the oreo is damn tasty all the same.

3. Drugstore dupes of high end makeup.

4. Polyvore

5. Qatar airlines and their incredibly cheap tickets to India.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My current favorite jewelry: Part 1a, Earrings

I like to think that all these obsessions of mine prevent me from obsessing over food, though I think it just makes me want more of everything in general. These jewels make me really happy. And, while I'm usually very focused on value (maximizing quality, minimizing cost) I am willing to splurge on jewelry because I consider it an investment.

This was originally going to be a post about my favorite jewelry, but there's just too much! So, now I've decided to split it apart into my favorite earrings, necklaces, and other. And then, I split it apart further, because too much scrolling is no fun.

Rather than the list format I've used in past posts, I thought it would be fun to make a collage. Since I haven't yet learned how to write in polyvore, this took approximately forever.

Earrings that I love
Earrings that I love - by Iheartgreen on

1. Vintage 1970s rhinestone earrings, Nina, $450;
Look at them. So pretty and detailed. Unfortunately, they were featured in Instyle in May 2005 and they cost a bunch for rhinestones, so more of a distant love versus a tangible love for me.

2. Eliot Danori Crystal Huggie Earrings, $40; I have earrings very similar to this (mine are pave with no design) and I wear them all the time. To sleep too. So comfortable and they match everything.

3. Luxe ombre chandelier earrings,Banana Republic, $69; colorful and go with everything!

4. Sapphire blue stud earrings, Emitations, $55; I fell in love with these when I saw Katie Holmes wear them. Hopefully they will look as good on me.

5. Petits fours flower earrings, Kate Spade, $65; These come in pink and green, though the green are sold out. Boo.

Grace in Small Things: Part 2

1. People that leave comments.

2. House, M.D.

3. Darren Rovell of CNBC and his Tiger Woods phenomenon analysis (my dream job!)

4. 70-degree non-rainy weather in Houston

5. My Google Reader

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to greet people

My flickr homepage has a fun "How to say hello in a different language" function at the top.

Today's was: How to greet people in Australian: G'day.

Seriously?! I hope this was a prank pulled by some computer programmer at Yahoo! that thought it would be funny to consider Australian a language. Because Yahoo! programmer, the language in Australia is English! Sigh.

Grace in Small Things: Part 1

I know I am a little late to the Grace in Small Things exercise, but I really want this to be a way for me to focus on the positives, rather than the negatives (which is becoming too easy lately). Here goes:

1. My family: seriously, they all love me and are always willing to help and offer support. Very lucky, not grateful enough.

2. Fruit danishes: must contain lots of fruit and lots of sugary icing.

3. Cashmere

4. Pave earrings that I can sleep in and always appropriate for work.

5. Co-workers who can offer a unique understanding of daily situations.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I heart shoes

I, like most girls, love shoes. I always notice people's shoes and think they are as important to an outfit as a shirt/top. While flats have become incredibly fashionable in the past few years, I prefer to wear (well, only for aesthetics), own and dream about heels. A good pair of heels makes me feel hot. Lately, I've been craving colorful heels. I wear so much black and gray (though 90% black), I feel that shoes are a good area to introduce some color. The following are shoes that I currently am obsessively in-love with:

1. Kate Spade Kelley Spectator pumps, $328
Right, well, I am not paying $328 for shoes. Or really anything. I could fly to Jamaica for that price if I planned well. Good lord. But, if I were to ever be given $300 that I could only spend on shoes, I would buy these:

And then, after making out with my new green shoes, I would buy them in purple:

I also love all shoes with adornments on them: bows, brooches, flowers. Except for feathers--I don't do feathers. Makes me feel bird-like.

2. J Crew Fleur pumps, ~$70 on sale

Look at the color--so rich. And, the flower. Perfectly flowerful without being droopy.

Of course, there are also the silk Avignon's that I mentioned in a previous post. They also come in turquoise silk with a yellow bow that makes me giddy when I look at them.

3. J. Crew Coralie patterned heels, $258
Right, J. Crew is smoking crack with its shoe prices. But, they have cute shoes. Look at these. So cute. And, a great way to go crazy with pattern without wearing a shirt that looks dated too soon or patterned pants (umm...). I know, I know, some people love a silk scarf as a way to add a pattern, but I do scarves for neck warmth, not for pattern. I can be persuaded on this, though.

4. Payless Lela Rose Carmelita Peep Pump, $35

So, I realize I complain about the outrageous prices for all the other shoes I posted--and this price is totally reasonable--it's $35 for payless. Which is like $120 for Via Spiga's, basically the fair, un-sale price, value for the shoe. $35 is the most I would pay for Payless shoes is what I'm trying to say. It's easy to spend it on these.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pink on Valentine's Day

So, I've gone the full gamut from wearing pink and red on Valentine's day to wearing a random color, like green, to show my ambivalence toward the day, to wearing black to prove that I hate Hallmark Love. And, well, now I want to wear some pink--like pink shoes or a pink necklace. To acknowledge the day but not be cutesy. Below is a list of pink things I love.

1. J. Crew stone bead ribbon necklace ($55)

Look, the necklace is pretty. And it's the perfect barely-there pink. But $55, J.Crew?! Are you joking? For glass beads? Honestly, I would pay $15 for this.

2. J. Crew Avignon silk peep toes ($258)

Girly, girly! I know! But, so very cute. Pink shoes with a lavender bow. Price tag makes me wonder if the gold lining inside is 24 Kt. Or if it came from Mummys' tombs.

3. Martin and Osa Soy-Blend U-Neck Sweater, pink aria, $49.50

The color is perfect. It's not carnation pink, it's not salmon, it's not pink aria whatever the hell that is, but it's so uniquely pink. Excuse the weird expression on the model's face.

4. Banana Republic Pansy Brooch, $34 (as shown before).

Wow, I must really like this. Plus, if I keep listing it, maybe it will finally one day appear. Magically.

5. J. Crew metallic headband, fuschia, $5

Wouldn't this just add the perfect pop of color to an outfit? Also, a totally doable price. I bought this in the champagne color because I thought it was more practical and, well, I should have bought it in pink as well. I seem to be liking metallics more and more lately.


Fridays used to be my favorite days. More than Saturday and Sunday even. A good Friday means a quiet day at work, being able to eat lunch somewhere other than your desk and discuss weekend plans with co-workers, catch up on news and entertainment websites then leave a little early and go home to a good dinner and a movie. Even the anchors on CNBC seem less overly dramatic on Friday.

Saturdays are full of potential, but I always feel like I've wasted them. If I sleep in and laze around all day I wish I had spent the time accomplishing all that needs to be done. If I run around doing errands and chores all day, well, then it doesn't feel like a day off.

Sundays are like Saturday except I usually end up actually needing to do some work then too--so even worse.

But, Friday used to be my day. Friday was glorious. Until my MD killed Fridays. Sigh. This bank is the destroyer of Fun. Friday mornings are ridiculously busy so that we can get something out by Friday before 1pm. After that, it's a "how long until we can go home" game.

I need a new favorite day now. Maybe Saturday from 2pm to Sunday 2am.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current loves

Now that my introductory post is done (felt like a burden, much like I find the first sentence of speeches that begin with "Webster defines success as..." pretty cumbersome, intro posts are generally not exciting), I can move on to using this space for what I orginally wanted.

1. Banana Republic Pansy Brooch. So very, very pretty. Why they call this color pine is beyond me--the only pine color I can think of is the brown-green in the crayon box that I had to use when the actual green went missing. ($34)

2. J. Crew suede ballet flats in Royal. Sigh. I heart them. As can be told by my blog title/username, I love the color green. Practically to the point that I have an unhealthy obsession with it. So it came as a surprise to me when I looked at these flats and the blue ones made my heart flutter. My next favorite color for these: chocolate. My third favorite: papaya. This never happens. (Excuse the link below, until I figure out how to post pictures from J. Crew, I will link to it instead. Edit: yay, polyvore had them) ($98)

3. J.Crew Cashmere blouson-sleeve bateau sweater in Dark Peony. Okay, I cheated. This was meant to be a list of things that I want to own, but exhibit enough self-control to resist because I don't need them. However, I will own this soon (UPS delivery expected tomorrow). It went on sale and they had the color and size I wanted and well, going on a shopping fast is a lot like going on a real fast--all you think about is what you will buy/eat the minute you can. But, I still love it so on the list it goes.

4. And because any mention of food, gets me dreaming about food, these Austin-made brownies are the most delicious things I have ever had in my entire life. Ever. As said by Tracy Jordan, I want to take these brownies behind the middle school and get them pregnant.
It is described as a "A cross between a dense, rich brownie and a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate truffle." Excuse me while I wipe my drool. Okay, link:


What an odd title for the first post, but that's what I'm feeling. Terrified. Excitement. Beginning something new enthusiasm. Not that I want to limit myself to this, but the following are items I hope to document here:

  • Things I like/love
  • Interesting articles
  • Food
  • Books that I hope to one day read
  • Ideas to better the world

If anything, this should be a good place to compile my day to day thoughts in a semi-organized manner. We'll see how long it lasts : ).