Friday, February 13, 2009

Pink on Valentine's Day

So, I've gone the full gamut from wearing pink and red on Valentine's day to wearing a random color, like green, to show my ambivalence toward the day, to wearing black to prove that I hate Hallmark Love. And, well, now I want to wear some pink--like pink shoes or a pink necklace. To acknowledge the day but not be cutesy. Below is a list of pink things I love.

1. J. Crew stone bead ribbon necklace ($55)

Look, the necklace is pretty. And it's the perfect barely-there pink. But $55, J.Crew?! Are you joking? For glass beads? Honestly, I would pay $15 for this.

2. J. Crew Avignon silk peep toes ($258)

Girly, girly! I know! But, so very cute. Pink shoes with a lavender bow. Price tag makes me wonder if the gold lining inside is 24 Kt. Or if it came from Mummys' tombs.

3. Martin and Osa Soy-Blend U-Neck Sweater, pink aria, $49.50

The color is perfect. It's not carnation pink, it's not salmon, it's not pink aria whatever the hell that is, but it's so uniquely pink. Excuse the weird expression on the model's face.

4. Banana Republic Pansy Brooch, $34 (as shown before).

Wow, I must really like this. Plus, if I keep listing it, maybe it will finally one day appear. Magically.

5. J. Crew metallic headband, fuschia, $5

Wouldn't this just add the perfect pop of color to an outfit? Also, a totally doable price. I bought this in the champagne color because I thought it was more practical and, well, I should have bought it in pink as well. I seem to be liking metallics more and more lately.


  1. Congrats on the new blog! I haven't made the jump yet. I like many of the items that you listed above. Metalic items have been catching my attention lately too...especially shoes!

  2. Yay, my first comment! You are officially my favorite person. I actually started blogging before commenting and whatnot, reverse jump if you will. So far, I'm McDonald's style loving it. My favorite metallic shoe: Lulu metallic heels. Swoon!