Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I heart shoes

I, like most girls, love shoes. I always notice people's shoes and think they are as important to an outfit as a shirt/top. While flats have become incredibly fashionable in the past few years, I prefer to wear (well, only for aesthetics), own and dream about heels. A good pair of heels makes me feel hot. Lately, I've been craving colorful heels. I wear so much black and gray (though 90% black), I feel that shoes are a good area to introduce some color. The following are shoes that I currently am obsessively in-love with:

1. Kate Spade Kelley Spectator pumps, $328
Right, well, I am not paying $328 for shoes. Or really anything. I could fly to Jamaica for that price if I planned well. Good lord. But, if I were to ever be given $300 that I could only spend on shoes, I would buy these:

And then, after making out with my new green shoes, I would buy them in purple:

I also love all shoes with adornments on them: bows, brooches, flowers. Except for feathers--I don't do feathers. Makes me feel bird-like.

2. J Crew Fleur pumps, ~$70 on sale

Look at the color--so rich. And, the flower. Perfectly flowerful without being droopy.

Of course, there are also the silk Avignon's that I mentioned in a previous post. They also come in turquoise silk with a yellow bow that makes me giddy when I look at them.

3. J. Crew Coralie patterned heels, $258
Right, J. Crew is smoking crack with its shoe prices. But, they have cute shoes. Look at these. So cute. And, a great way to go crazy with pattern without wearing a shirt that looks dated too soon or patterned pants (umm...). I know, I know, some people love a silk scarf as a way to add a pattern, but I do scarves for neck warmth, not for pattern. I can be persuaded on this, though.

4. Payless Lela Rose Carmelita Peep Pump, $35

So, I realize I complain about the outrageous prices for all the other shoes I posted--and this price is totally reasonable--it's $35 for payless. Which is like $120 for Via Spiga's, basically the fair, un-sale price, value for the shoe. $35 is the most I would pay for Payless shoes is what I'm trying to say. It's easy to spend it on these.

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