Thursday, February 26, 2009

My current favorite jewelry: Part 1a, Earrings

I like to think that all these obsessions of mine prevent me from obsessing over food, though I think it just makes me want more of everything in general. These jewels make me really happy. And, while I'm usually very focused on value (maximizing quality, minimizing cost) I am willing to splurge on jewelry because I consider it an investment.

This was originally going to be a post about my favorite jewelry, but there's just too much! So, now I've decided to split it apart into my favorite earrings, necklaces, and other. And then, I split it apart further, because too much scrolling is no fun.

Rather than the list format I've used in past posts, I thought it would be fun to make a collage. Since I haven't yet learned how to write in polyvore, this took approximately forever.

Earrings that I love
Earrings that I love - by Iheartgreen on

1. Vintage 1970s rhinestone earrings, Nina, $450;
Look at them. So pretty and detailed. Unfortunately, they were featured in Instyle in May 2005 and they cost a bunch for rhinestones, so more of a distant love versus a tangible love for me.

2. Eliot Danori Crystal Huggie Earrings, $40; I have earrings very similar to this (mine are pave with no design) and I wear them all the time. To sleep too. So comfortable and they match everything.

3. Luxe ombre chandelier earrings,Banana Republic, $69; colorful and go with everything!

4. Sapphire blue stud earrings, Emitations, $55; I fell in love with these when I saw Katie Holmes wear them. Hopefully they will look as good on me.

5. Petits fours flower earrings, Kate Spade, $65; These come in pink and green, though the green are sold out. Boo.

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