Friday, February 13, 2009


Fridays used to be my favorite days. More than Saturday and Sunday even. A good Friday means a quiet day at work, being able to eat lunch somewhere other than your desk and discuss weekend plans with co-workers, catch up on news and entertainment websites then leave a little early and go home to a good dinner and a movie. Even the anchors on CNBC seem less overly dramatic on Friday.

Saturdays are full of potential, but I always feel like I've wasted them. If I sleep in and laze around all day I wish I had spent the time accomplishing all that needs to be done. If I run around doing errands and chores all day, well, then it doesn't feel like a day off.

Sundays are like Saturday except I usually end up actually needing to do some work then too--so even worse.

But, Friday used to be my day. Friday was glorious. Until my MD killed Fridays. Sigh. This bank is the destroyer of Fun. Friday mornings are ridiculously busy so that we can get something out by Friday before 1pm. After that, it's a "how long until we can go home" game.

I need a new favorite day now. Maybe Saturday from 2pm to Sunday 2am.

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