Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Candy, Friends, etc.

I like to think that most people are as fluent in "Friends" as I am. I love Friends. It consistently makes me laugh despite the fact that I have seen every episode many, many times. (Except for the one where they have alternate lives--that doesn't come on very much.) Anyway, even though I love the first 5 seasons so, so much more than the later seasons, one of my favorite episodes is when Ross gives Phoebe a bike and Monica makes candy. This episodes makes me think the following:

1) Damn, I want a friend that makes candy.

2) Letting go of her bicycle is a legitimate learning technique.

3) What is the color of the walls in Phoebe's room? Such a pretty light green.

4) When Chandler asks if anyone can name the person who makes the candy, how is Joey not all over that question?

Anyone who can answer these, or has a recipe for really awesome chocolate candy, please share. Thanks.

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